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armstrong vs french hotels 275x300   Armstrong vs French HotelsLance Armstrong once more graced the headlines with his latest brush with the media. Some might say it was a “faux pas” yet others might have a different take on what transpired at Houston, Texas yesterday during the National Business Travel Association’s annual convention.

Armstrong was the keynote speaker at the event. During the question and answer portion, the moderator asked him about his travels and Armstrong’s reply was, “Most of my travel — at least in Europe — was in France, staying in these … You’re competing in the biggest race in the world and you’re stuck staying in these horrible hotels.”

Maybe the seven-time winner of the Tour de France meant it as a joke because he quickly added, “There are no French hotel owners in here, are there?”

The female moderator lightly said she disagreed over his observation and offered to put up the RadioShack rider in one of the best hotels in France, the next time he goes there. However, Armstrong went on to name those hotels which were “horrible” in his opinion.

Tour de France rules say that those who will be participating in the race must stay “in the premises designated for this purpose by the organization, to the exclusion of any other.”

It should be noted that with 200 riders, their managers, entourage and then with fans and the media also witnessing the race, it’s not a surprise that hotels and other accommodations would be lacking or even not enough. This is why some teams bring its own sleeping essentials.

This incident could be another “boo boo” for Armstrong and maybe it was just timely that he declared this year’s Tour his last because there’s a possibility that French doors might not welcome him anytime soon.