pinit fg en rect gray 20   Anti Bike Vigilante Gluing Locks in Williamsburg, New York

anti bike vigilante gluing locks williamsburg new york   Anti Bike Vigilante Gluing Locks in Williamsburg, New York

Not sure if you really can call this person a “vigilante”, but a resident of Williamsburg, a neighborhood located in Brooklyn New York is going around putting Krazy Glue in bike locks. Why is he doing this? The “criminal” is tired of the sidewalks being packed with bicycles.

The story gets worse, the name of this individual has been concealed by the Brooklyn Paper, for the exchange of information. This individual is being dubbed “The Bike Crusader”, but we will just call him “criminal”.

Criminal plans on taking his acts further by recruiting a team, he says to the Brooklyn Paper “If I get the right people together, we will go down Bedford Avenue at 4 am and inject every bike lock on the strip with Krazy Glue.”

He/she also says “We need to clear the sidewalk for people in wheelchairs and people getting out of cars.” “Never wanted to turn to this,” (but) “the Yuppies … have turned this beautiful neighborhood into an eyesore. Watch out for your locks.” Ok, this might be true, individuals in wheelchairs need the sidewalk as well as others, but by you committing a crime, does not make it ok. You still need to take the proper actions.

Baruch Herzfeld, owner of Traif Bike Gesheft said “We can understand the frustration, but I cannot support destruction — it’s never a positive thing,”. “How will people get their bikes off the street? This person is making the problem, and the discourse, worse. It’s unfortunate.”

In summary, we hope this guy gets caught by the police, he doesn’t seem like a smart individual since he said the time frame he will be out, mentioned he is a “resident” of the neighborhood, and someone at the Brooklyn Paper knows his name. It’s just a matter of time.

Source: Brooklyn Paper