pinit fg en rect gray 20   Abus Bordo X Plus 6500

abus bordo x plus 6500 278x300   Abus Bordo X Plus 6500Abus Security Tech of Germany came out with their latest bicycle foldable lock, the Abus Bordo X-Plus 6500. It is a device made of special hardened lock body and closing bolt. The folding device is 5.5mm hardened steel bars and covered with anti-scratch plastic. Its massive links connecting the bars are saw resistant.

The Granit Bordo X-Plus 6500 foldable lock has an anti-sliding mechanism with a total length of 85cm. A transport bag goes along with it that has a flexible mounting feature integrated with rappel prevention. It could be easily mounted on any part of the bike frame as suited accessible to the rider.

The Bordo 6500 has a lighted key and a patented design X-Plus Cylinder. The lock itself is of high level resistance against picking from would-be bike thieves. It offers keyed alike solutions supplemented with a code card for replacement keys.

It is user friendly and easy to handle. Simply unlock and release the massive linked steel bars and loop it from the bike frame (tube) wrap across through the wheel rim around the solid bar fix parking post. Then lock it and retrieve the key. Works like an ordinary chain lock but provides maximum security for your bike. MSRP is $189.95.