pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott Genius LT

2011 scott genius lt 300x225   2011 Scott Genius LTScott gives its Genius bike a new model for 2011, the Genius LT. This is a bike designed for the more aggressive rider who loves challenging climbs.

The Genius LT has a one-piece carbon mainframe and aluminum rear triangle. Both are connected with oversized pivot bearings which makes the frame stiffer and more durable. It also has a tapered headtube which is wider at the bottom for more control.

The rear shock has a dual mount set-up so you can drop the rear end to get a slacker steering angle. This is great when you spend 35% of the time going uphill.

The handlebar has the Twin-Loc remote which can control the fork and rear shock. If you choose the fully open mode, you get 7 inches of travel. As for the traction mode, you’ll have 4.3 inches of travel.

Finally, the 2011 Scott Genius LT features a 3-cylinder rear shock called the Equalizer 3. What it does is it acts as two shocks in one. It weighs about 28lbs with MSRP of $6799.

2011 scott genius lt 1   2011 Scott Genius LT