pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 RockShox SID RLT

2011 rockshox sid rlt 300x300   2011 RockShox SID RLTThe RockShox SID RLT has been updated for 2011. It now has 2 chassis options available, the 120mm and the 80/100mm travel. It has a lightweight PowerBulge lower bushing system and a 15mm Maxle Lite option. There’s a disc brake hose guide and a tapered carbon fiber crown steerer.

The RockShox SID RLT 120mm travel fork weighs 3.27lbs while the 80-100mm fork slimmed down to 2.97lbs. BlackBox Dual Air springs and a Motion Control damping system is in place. With a forged crown made from hollow AL66 TV Aluminum, the RockShox SID RLT goes well with Monarch and Ario rear shock.

The 2011 RockShox SID RLT has 32mm upper tubes from 7000 series straight wall aluminum material. They have been anodized with sag gradients. The maximum rotor size is 185mm and comes in colors black and white with new graphics.