pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ridley Phaeton T Triathlon Bike

2011 ridley phaeton t   2011 Ridley Phaeton T Triathlon Bike

The Phaeton T for 2011 from Ridley is coming out with a new aero hydroformed seat tube and aero seat post which accommodates a 78 degrees seat angle and with a small size position seat clamp to create a maximum of 79 degrees angle forward. Its aerodynamic frame is engineered and designed with the 7005 triple butted tubal aluminum. The R-surface paint technology treatment allows it to break up the air by 3% that comes off the spinning wheel as it reduces the drag flow.

2011 Ridley Phaeton T also features its 4ZA Sphinx full carbon fork. It has the R- Flow jet foils which decreases the drag 5.5% of the spinning spokes which generates turbulence around the wheel. The triathlon specific geometry design of the Phaeton T is well suited for the new riders of the triathlon who are looking for the perfect aero riding position and comfort.