pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Mavic SSC Line

2011 mavic ssc line   2011 Mavic SSC Line

Mavic reveals its Special Service Course line for 2011. The SSC Line is made up of the Cosmic Carbone 80, Cosmic Carbone SLR, R-Sys SLR and the Ksyrium SLR. The SSC line was intended for Mavic’s high-end wheels. Mavic has a new rim treatment called Exalith which gives the rim a wear-proof finish and will require a special brake compound.

The R-Sys SLR is designed to cater sportive and gran fondo riders. It features redesigned spokes with multi-directional fiber. It also has new Exalith rims for the front and rear. It is available in tubular or clincher versions. The R-Sys SLR tubular weighs 1955 grams and retails at $2080. The clincher version weighs 1994 grams and is priced at $2000.

The Ksyrium SLR also comes in clincher or tubular versions. It also uses Exalith rims. The clincher version retails at $1800 while the tubular version has a tag price of $1880.

The Cosmic Carbone 80 has an 80mm depth carbon tubular rim. It also features a subtle elliptical sidewall profile. It has thin bladed steel spokes (16 front, 20 rear). It weighs 1750 grams and has a price tag of $2700 with Mavic GripLink/Powerlink tubular tires.

The Cosmic Carbone SLR also has Exalith rim. It has a bonded carbon section, aluminum rim and rim height of 52mm. it weighs 1595 grams and has SRP of $2450.

2011 mavic ssc line 11   2011 Mavic SSC Line

2011 mavic ssc line 2   2011 Mavic SSC Line