pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Marzocchi 29er Forks

marzocchi 29er forks 1 200x300   2011 Marzocchi 29er ForksFor 2011, Marzocchi reintroduces the 44 series forks. Currently, these are the only 140mm travel 29-inch forks on the market. The 44 Micro Ti and the 44 TST2 are based on Marzocchi’s 44 suspension model fork. The new forks has a travel of 100mm to 140mm. The travel is adjustable with the use of spacers which you may add or remove.

The 44 Micro Ti features a VA (variable air) adjuster which gives the compression curve you want through a dial. It also has a TST Micro damper with adjustable rebound, lockout and lockout threshold. It also features AER, a new low pressure air system that gives a plush ride with Titanium negative spring. It retails for £599.95.

The 44 TST2 uses the TST2 damper which has a single valve open bath low-pressure air spring with negative spring to keep the fork smooth and easy to ride with. It still has adjustable rebound, lockout and lockout threshold like the 44 Micro Ti and retails for £339.95.

marzocchi 29er forks 2   2011 Marzocchi 29er Forks