pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Marin Quad DH MTB

2011 marin quad dh mtb   2011 Marin Quad DH MTB

During a Canadian downhill race, it was publicly broadcast that the Marin DH took two wins along the way and just faded in hibernation. The Marin DH has been undergoing a lot of changes and development as far as engineering designs are concerned. Coming out of the blue, Marin has recently introduced the Quad DH 2011 at the Crankworx mountain bike festival in Whistler, Canada.

Appearing like a supercharged Quake, the bike is designed to survive and win world cup downhill races. Three years in development, born out of the efficient Quad linkage set up found on all other Marin bikes, the Quad DH bears a whopping 250mm of travel.

Instead of the straight 1.5in tube, its frame is hydroformed with a tapered headtube. It also features a modular replacement dropout system allowing you to fit any type of axle system of your choice and varied sizes are available.

The massive frame of the Marin 2011 Quad DH is made from a new forged and CNC machined narrow profile Y-Link front shock linkage. Aluminum shields hide and protect the high-load bearings.