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2011 easton haven wheels 1 300x278   2011 Easton Haven WheelsFor 2011 Easton Haven will parade new wheels. These are the XC One, EA 70 XC, EA 90 XC, Haven Carbon and Aluminum. The XC One is a wheelset for singlespeed riding. It has no tubeless option and the MSRP is $699.

The EA 70 XC has MSRP of $525 for the 29er version and comes in black and white colors. It weighs 1950g and has a standard welded seam for its rim. It uses X2 hubs with straight pull spokes. Front and rear wheels have 24 count. The axle offerings are standard quick release and 15QR for the front and only standard quick release for the rear.

The EA 90 XC uses the UST rim with measurements of 24mm outer width and 19mm inner rim width. It weighs 1500g and is colored with black rims, sandblasted grey spokes and red anodized hub configuration. MSRP is $925.

The Haven Carbon is East Haven’s flagship product for 2011. It features the “Easton Ballistic Composite” material which is a uni-directional carbon fiber. It has M1 hubs with 6 bolt disc rotor attachment. The axle offerings for the front hubs are standard quick release, 15QR and 20mm through axle. As for the rear hubs, the offerings are standard quick release, 142mm through axle and 135mm through axle. The Haven Carbon has 24 spokes laced 3-cross in black with black anodized nipples. It weighs 1590g and uses the UST type of rim with measurements of 26mm outside width and 21mm inner rim width. MSRP is $2300.

The Aluminum version of the Haven has the same axle offerings in aluminum version as with its carbon counterpart. Measurements for the “Easton Aluminum” UST rim are the same with the Haven Carbon. The wheelset comes in two colors; brushed black and “Mag” finish which is silvery gray. It weighs 1785g and MSRP is $925 for the 29er model.

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