pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Castelli CX Suits

2011 castelli cx suits 171x300   2011 Castelli CX SuitsCastelli America timely releases its cyclocross skinsuits in time for the ‘cross season. The new suits comes in two versions, the lycra made and the thermal. Both can be customized to your preference and are part of the Castelli Servizio Corse. Once ordered, the delivery will be in 8 weeks. There’s no fixed price due to the customization but the cheapest price tag for the Lycra is $135 while the thermal version will be at $145.
Castelli specifically designed the CX suits to match the needs of a cyclocross enthusiast. The CX suit has a KISS3 padding, longer length for the body, additional shoulder room and a higher neckline to keep you warm. It uses a large rubber zipper to close and is extremely lightweight.
The CX suit made of high compression Lycra will have 3/4 sleeves. The thermal version is made from Thermaflex fabric with fleece inside and has full sleeves.