pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cannondale Lefty Forks

2011 cannondale lefty forks 182x300   2011 Cannondale Lefty ForksCannondale worked with RockShox on giving the Lefty forks new specs. The new Lefty uses RockShox Solo Air design and 1.5” headtube. It also has 25mm to 15mm axle and a dual-crown design. The compression damping makes the Lefty firmer and the square stauchion creates a mechanical movement with its needle bearings.

It also has a built-in low-speed compression valve and a 2.0 hole size. Air volume for the forks can be adjusted with spacers at the bottom of the air chamber with the removal of the lower cap. All of these modifications make the Lefty a stiffer and smoother fork.

The 2011 Lefty has two versions, the XLR and PBR. The XLR or the X-Loc and Rebound has a Floodgate knob used to remove air. This feature is present in RockShox forks to set the blowoff. The XLR has the RockShox X-Loc hydraulic remote lockout. The lockout features a blowoff that can pass by the non-adjustable threshold.

The PBR or the Push Button with Reload has sealed cartridge damping. The air and oil are kept separate, following what Fox did with its FIT cartridge. Its dampers can be tuned from the inside. The top of the fork leg allows PBR or XLR swapping. For more progression, you can add chips to make the air volume smaller.

OPI is a new one-piece stem for 2011 which is extruded and forged. Available in -5º and +6º in 90, 100 and 120 lengths, it has 15mm height adjustment which you can use a Shimano BB tool to modify it. A mandrel is used to keep the center hollow. 5mm spacers are also there to keep it tight. The OPI is also lighter by having the seven-part stem reduced to three parts.

The 2011 Speed Line uses the new Lefty forks and with it comes several changes. For the XC models, the travel decreased from 110mm to 100mm. For the 29er Lefty, it has increased from 80mm to 90mm. The alloy models feature 3D forged one-piece lowers and uppers. The weight for the 2011 Speed Line are:

Speed Carbon w/ XLR – 1250g
Speed Carbon w/ PBR – 1194g
Speed w/ XLR – 1394g
Speed w/PBR – 1334g