pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Campagnolo Khamsin Wheels

2011 campagnolo khamsin 1 300x300   2011 Campagnolo Khamsin WheelsCampagnolo launches an updated version of Khamsin for 2011. Its main goal was to create a wheel that has excellent features, advanced technology, lighter than the 2010 Khamsin but at a competitive price.

The 2011 Khamsin rims that are light yet durable, thanks to a new production process that the Campy Tech team devised. It carries a brand new wear indicator and new graphics. The rims are anodized black.

There are also reinforced spoke housing for the aluminum hubs which are anodized black. It also features oversized flange on the cassette side of the rear wheel.

The new Khamsin has stainless steel 20 straight-head round spokes at the front. As for the rear, there are 9 spokes on the left and with the G3 geometry, 18 curved-head round spokes are on the cassette side.

The 2011 Campagnolo Khamsin certainly challenges existing performance and reliability by raising the bar for an entry level wheel.

2011 campagnolo khamsin wheels   2011 Campagnolo Khamsin Wheels