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2011 2010 bmw cruise bike   2011   2010 BMW Cruise Bike

BMW is a well known luxury car company, and now will launch their new series for 2010 – 2011 bikes.

Available now is the 2011 BMW Cruise Bike, while resembling a hardtail MTB, but is made for your everyday commuting, or getting in some local exercising. The design of the Cruise Bike is like much of the BMW cars available, clean and futuristic. More importantly, they feature a suspension fork, cantilever brakes, and 24 speed Shimano Alivio derailleur. Comfort is achieved by a adjustable stem, allowing you to set it just right for your height.

Weird part is, BMW states on the website “BMW bikes cannot be sent outside Europe or to Norway, Spain and Switzerland.” So it seems like availability is really limited. Retail is € 869,00, with your choice of orange/white, blue/black and silver/white.