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velocomputer sensor v3 6   VeloComputer Sensor V3.6

The innovative wheel sensor technology producer SoundOfMotion has introduced the VeloComputer Bluetooth bicycle Sensor Version 3.6 of its series of 1 degree precision this July 2010. The sensor is meant to be mounted on a rear wheel along the chainstay of a bike to inclusively accommodate the wheel and pedal strokes sensors set into one component. It has a 1 degree accuracy and cadence during pedal operation. It uses the classic Bluetooth 2.0 in sending cycling data to the VeloComputer mobile application.

The sensor reacts to a magnetic field from a magnet installed to the wheel and transmits the angle of rotation with a 1 degree precision and accuracy. Amplifying the magnetic field are two smaller magnets mounted on opposites sides of a wheel maintaining balance. This makes SoundOfMotion far more advance than any traditional cycling computers.

With its 1 degree accuracy, the latency is reduced to less than a second as compared to the 7 seconds latency of traditional bicycle computers. The low latency lets the VeloComputer recognize the spot speed and acceleration which would determine the torque and propelled wheel power.

The VeloComputer version 3.6 uses a rechargeable battery via micro USB adaptor. It could also be attached on other bicycles with customized mounting brackets aside from the usual road and trek bikes. Retail price is $199.

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