pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vaude Placid RC Shoes

vaude placid rc shoes   Vaude Placid RC Shoes

Vaude initial release of cycling shoes was a success, and now they are furthering the collection with the new Placid RC mountain bike shoes.

The first launch from Vaude on a mountain bike shoe was in the Spring of 2009, and Peter Sontheimer department manager of Vaude Bikes said “Our initiation into the highly competitive bike shoe market was successful and we are happy to report that all seven models found their place on the market. This has motivated us to continue developing the collection.” Fast forward, Vaude is ready to release the new Placid RC.

When your out tearing the mountains up, or trails, you want a shoe that is well ventilated, and with the Vaude Placid RC, mesh materials are used for your feet to breathe on these hot days. All Vaude cycling shoes, including the Placid RC feature a three layer construction on the uppers, this adds to power transfer and stability. MSRP and release date is yet to be determined.

vaude placid rc shoes 1   Vaude Placid RC Shoes