pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized 2011 Roubaix

specialized 2011 roubaix 300x182   Specialized 2011 RoubaixAt Keystone Resort, Colorado, Specialized launched its 2011 product presentation. Rumors against its product endorser, rider Fabian Cancellara for “mechanical doping” allegedly conspired with Specialized in rigging up 430Watt Duracell battery as an extra booster.

However, the Shimano Di2 electric shifting could be wired to the 2011 Specialized Roubaix bike. Incorporated in its state of the art carbon frame is its electric capacity option.

Specialized engineers added the innovative structure of the frame, making it much stiffer than the added external tweaks of last year. Likewise, for more effective bladder molding, the Zertz was out of the seatstay. In addition, the new top tube is wide enough to wrap the head tube. V

The 2011 bike is definitely far much stiffer than its forerunner with a 56cm frame weighing 965 grams while last year’s version was 1,064 grams. “Getting rid of the flat surfaces may seem minor, but it has a huge effect,” claimed Specialized Engineer Luc Callahan.