pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano R063 Road Shoe

shimano sh r063 road shoe 300x225   Shimano R063 Road ShoeFor any type of cycling adventure whether on mere road bike riding or bike trekking, the Shimano R063 Road Shoe will assure you comfort and durability. It is the perfect shoe fit for riding and recreational comfort. It gives you the experience that any professional rider would require which releases the competitive nature in you.

It is fitted with a fiberglass reinforced polymide sole which offers a combination of optimum stiffness and adherence to club and sport riders alike. It is made of stretch resistant synthetic leather and has a mesh that ensures ventilated lasting use and fit to the tee. On its heels you will find a reflective detailing which adds visibility in low light conditions. In addition, for comfort and support, a dual hook and loop straps are provided.

The Shimano R063 Road Shoe has a tag price of $79.99 and only comes in black with grey details.