pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano AM41 & AM45 Shoes

shimano am41 and am45 shoes 300x211   Shimano AM41 & AM45 ShoesShimano will release two new mountain bike shoes this October, the AM41 and the AM45. They are new models inspired by the popular MP56 and MP66 models. Although the AM41 actually bumps off the AM40 as a flat pedal shoe, it comes with the Vibram sole but shows off with new uppers. Said to be less grippy than a 5:10 sole, the AM41 makes up in terms of durability.

Both shoes now have the Velcro flap to prevent your shoelaces from getting in the way as you pedal. The AM45 features more ankle protection with a semi-high top style and closed uppers. It has larger cleat recess and new sole for a skate style look yet SPD compatible. The Shimano AM41 retails at £79.99 while the Shimano AM45 will be available for £69.99.

shimano am41 and am45 shoes 1   Shimano AM41 & AM45 Shoes