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shimano 2011 road shoes 1 300x187   Shimano 2011 Road shoesShimano reveals its 2011 road shoes with models R315, R133, R106, R087 and R077. These new models will be released in September.

For the R087, not many changes were made from its older model, the R086. It still has a fiberglass reinforced nylon sole which you can use for three bolt and two bolt cleats. The graphics on the upper is now of flowing lines. The RO87 retails for £79.99.

The R077 only differs from the R076 on the graphics. The fiberglass sole and triple hook-and-loop closure is still used and the price remains the same, £69.99.

The R315 features Rovenica ultra-fine synthetic fabric upper material. The holes for ventilation are sized bigger than its older model the R310. It costs £269.99.

A new ratchet style for closure is one of the R106’s features. With fiberglass reinforced composite sole and amazing graphics, it costs £109.99.

The R133 comes with a multi-layer mesh design for increased comfort and feet-friendly features which keeps your feet fresh and dry. The retail price is £139.99.

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