pinit fg en rect gray 20   Reebok Launches Bike Range

reebok launches bike range   Reebok Launches Bike Range

Reebok has a strong presence for releasing shoes, and somewhat in exercise stationary bikes, but they will now release several BMX bikes, town bikes, and mountain bikes.

Reebok Bikes are going to be sold at Halfords UK, which will replace the popular and establish brand GT. Featuring 8 mountain bikes, town, and BMX, Reebok’s detail and design was lead by none other than UK’s leading cycling retailer Halfords UK.

The Reebok Skylite City and Town 17 inch bikes releases in a light aluminum frame, with the sole intent on riding on the road, tracks, and trails. The seat is specifically designed for comfort and shaped for women. Using a step through design, the bikes use a overall female geometry. Using Shimano 21 speed gearing, which helps with uphill climbs and acceleration.

Other Reebok Bikes released are Void (BMX), Kult (BMX), Voyager (City/Town), Solo (Mountain Bike), Freedom (Mountain Bike), Thunder (Boys Mountain Bike), and Paris (Girls Mountain Bike).

reebok launches bike range 1   Reebok Launches Bike Range

reebok launches bike range 2   Reebok Launches Bike Range