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raceface 2011 apparel 1 129x300   RaceFace 2011 ApparelRaceFace showcased the highlights of its 2011 Ambush kit for men and women. The 2011 collection includes; jersey, shorts, gloves, knee armor and a trendy messenger bag. RaceFace features their collection all made of recycled post consumers and post industrial wastes. 50 percent of which are put into use to produce the Ambush kits.

For the Men’s (DH jersey and shorts) Ambush kit, both jersey and shorts are made of recycled materials yarned and bonded into lightweight, durable and breathable waterproof fabric. The jersey has its usual hidden stash pocket and the inside pocket weight for the rider’s glasses. The shorts are of the same make and has a polyester mesh adjustable at the knee from the inside making it breathable when engaged in energy powered riding.

The Women’s Khyber outfit released by RaceFace likewise includes the DH jersey and shorts. It highlights the same recycled fabric as that of the men’s. It has the same inner waist and seam bands adjustment for durability and breathability. The women’s shorts feature a retractable tension system at the waistline also designed for comfort.

Along with the Men’s Ambush kit is the gloves and the knee armor. With the Women’s Khyber outfit comes the Khyber female specific knee armor. The knee armors are designed with reinforced soft shell not only for lasting protection but also easy to strap on and strip off. It is easy to use and fits perfectly on the knees.

For added attraction is the trendy messenger bag made of recycled car seat belts. The messenger bag is produced by USED.

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