pinit fg en rect gray 20   Northwave Tribute Triathlon Shoe

tribute triathlon shoe from northwave 300x210   Northwave Tribute Triathlon ShoeItalian manufacturer Northwave adds to its special line a triathlon shoe called the Tribute. It is made with a ST 7:5 carbon composite sole and two straps to allow quick access and security. The upper has mesh inserts with the soft Lorica material.

Once you have the shoe open, the strap can be set aside with another Velcro, to keep it from flapping back to the front of your shoe. It has a large-sized heel loop which is a must-have for easy pulling in or removal of the shoe during transitions.

The Tribute has the Omega heel that allows excellent grip which keeps you stable when you run and ride. There are rear air vents and a rubber heel which is replaceable. The Performance Pro footbed makes an arch inside the shoe to maximize potential power transferred from your foot to the pedal.

Retail price is $123.00.