pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike Livestrong Chalkbot Prints Messages at Tour de France

nikelivestrong chalkbot   Nike Livestrong Chalkbot Prints Messages at Tour de France

Nike collaborates with Livestrong Foundation on the creation of Chalkbot, a new innovation on leaving messages on the road during the Tour de France 2010. Chalkbot began last year and was widely received by a large number of people worldwide.

“Chalkbot gained over 4,000 followers on Twitter, received over 36,000 messages and printed thousands of them over 13 stages of the Tour de France while driving several thousand miles during the 25-day event,” from Livestrong.

This year, Chalkbot returns, ready to receive any message you want to send out to the riders, to the people watching the tour, to the entire world. The short message can even be for your family or loved ones with cancer or have survived it.

From its website at, you can compose the message you want the Chalkbot to write for you on the roads at the Tour de France. After your message gets printed, Chalkbot takes a photo of the finished product and sends you the link you can follow to see where on the part of the road, was the message.