pinit fg en rect gray 20   Leatt DBX Neck Brace

leatt dbx neck brace 300x289   Leatt DBX Neck BraceLeatt releases the DBX comp neck brace especially for mountain biking. It differs from th GPX model due to its low-profile shape which was designed to target the requirements of cyclists’ range-of-motion.

The DBX comp is made from glass-injected nylon, making it strong and sturdy. Some parts of the neck brace are made from carbon-fiber strengthened by Kevlar®. The final product is a neck brace that guarantees safety for its user.

The back portion of the brace has a thoracic part that protects your spine in case you fall. It also keeps the rest of the brace together. The rear-upper support and the thoracic member breaks away at a certain force or load to protect the spinal column.

The DBX comp has a cut-out section which is unique to make sure that the collarbone is not crushed by either the helmet or the brace. The neck brace has a shock absorbent cushion called the bio-foam. The bio-foam functions to limit the blow of any accidents on your body and chin. The foam can be machined wash and is replaceable.

The neck brace also has two red clips as emergency openings. It is CE certified and can be adjusted to fit anyone’s build in six individual points. It weighs around 790 grams, give or take 50 grams. Retail price is £349.99.