pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires

hutchinson road tires 1 165x300   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross TiresHutchinson debuts quite a number of upgraded new tires for all types of riding along with the new RTI carbon clincher road tubeless wheelset. As of the latest reports, the Atom and Fusion are soon to be shipped out with new tints. The Hutchinson Cobra’s 29” models are now on the drawing boards for finishing touches and soon to be introduced in the spring of 2011, while the Toro currently has a new 2.35 size for both 26 inch and 29 inch models.

The German Off-Road Series now permits 29ers in their races, as a line of 29” models are being designed for the mountain bikes that go underway. A rise in the demand for big wheel mountain bikes has indicated a substantial increase in the German market.

Top of the line models now at Hutchinson are the new carbon bead (versus Kevlar) of Bulldog and Piranha CX Cyclocross tires. The bead remains securely in place and could run with lower pressures. It is wide at 34c and tubeless ready. The Fusion, shipped out a couple of months ago with a more rigid colored sidewalls to improve rebound control similar to the Atom Comp model is also available. Sailing its way into the market as featured at Interbike is the first sub-200g tire. It comes in red, black and silver at 185g. Soon to be shipped out in 2011 (in six weeks) colors are blue, pink, yellow and white with 127tpi. The Atom Comp and the Fusion both have $60 price tags each.

hutchinson road mountain cyclocross tires   Hutchinson Road, Mountain, Cyclocross Tires