pinit fg en rect gray 20   GEAX Saguaro Tubular Tires

geax saguaro tubular tires 1 300x114   GEAX Saguaro Tubular TiresThe GEAX Saguaro MTB tubular tires will soon come out to fit a 29er mountain bike. Larger than the 26”, it features an ultra high count cotton casing with 290 tpi. It also has the SAGUARO tread pattern. Measuring at 2.0”, the Saguaro tire has its casing with a latex tube sewn inside. This allows a fully air-tight system.

The tires are 99% handmade although the tread pattern isn’t. The tubulars are hand sewn and each tire takes 8 hours of careful handiwork. As per GEAX’s product manager S. Bressan, “As handmade tubular manufacturer, we always highly recommend to use glue/mastic over adhesive tape to glue tubulars on: Due to the small sewing protrusion on our tubulars (mentioned above), the tape cannot fully adapt to it and fulfill all the empty space that remains between a sewed casing and a flat tubular rim. The glue instead adapts to it and fulfills the groove all the way over the circumference. Other than that, glue strength is also more than tape by chemicals. If you add these two things, you find out that glue is almost twice reliable than tape.”

The GEAX Saguaro tubular has excellent gripping qualities that provide superior comfort without sacrificing performance, the GEAX Saguaro tubular falls between the Mezcal model which was dry and compact and the Barro Mountain which was wet and loose. The rim weighs 410g with a width of 25mm.

Flexible and with low rolling resistance, the GEAX Saguaro tubular has knobs which enhances speed. It also features the Rails Design profile with two sizes, 2.0 (XC) and 2.2 (Marathon, Slopestyle, Dirtjump and All Mountain).