pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fusion 3 Hutchinson Tires

fusion 3 hutchinson tires 165x300   Fusion 3 Hutchinson TiresHutchinson combines puncture resistance, with the best grip and performance in the Fusion 3 tires. Weighing less than the Fusion 2 by 10 grams, the Fusion 3 is only 210 grams for its 700x23c size.

It features a triple thermoplastic rubber compound. The hard rubber at its center, making it resistant to wear and tear. It also lowers the rolling resistance of the tire. To provide better performance, the Fusion 3 has a softer intermediate rubber to make sure that the tension felt on the tire is distributed evenly. The lateral rubber is very soft to allow a strong grip at the tightest of corners.

The Kevlar Pro-Tech layer is at work to make sure that punctures are less likely to occur. The Kevlar reinforcement is found between the tread and the 127tpi casing.

The tires come in colors black, silver, yellow, red, blue, pink and ivory. A RoadTubeless is also available for the Fusion 3. MSRP is $80.00 per tire.