embers merino velo cyclewear 1 272x300   Embers Merino Velo CyclewearEmbers Merino launches a new line, specifically for Velo enthusiasts. Its main fabric is a Merino wool which broke out into the market several years ago. Currently, it has crossed over into manufacturing jackets, gilets and jerseys. Available in both men and women, the new line of clothing continues to be of excellent quality as guaranteed by Embers Merino.

Made in the UK and New Zealand, the new cyclewewar uses MAPP, while merino materials are created with baselayers. A new fabric is also introduced, a Core twin face fabric which is made of 100% merino wool lining. The clothing line has an external layer of wicking technical synthetic fabric.

The Velo line boasts of having the advantages of merino like anti-odor, comfortable and breathable. It also has an added abrasion resistance on the outer layers.

Embers Merino spokesperson Chris, shares more on the new venture by Embers Merino, “There is often a perception that merino is only be for winter…This (short sleeved core jersey) is an ultralight fabric and the outer face has an eyelet structure all over for extra breathability. It’s done loads of miles of testing in hot conditions and has been really successful,. The merino helps keep the chill off if things turn cold so it’s a really versatile jersey.”

Prices range from £45 to £95.

embers merino velo cyclewear 2   Embers Merino Velo Cyclewear

embers merino velo cyclewear 3   Embers Merino Velo Cyclewear

embers merino velo cyclewear 4   Embers Merino Velo Cyclewear

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