pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dave Weagle Split Pivot System

split pivot system by dave weagle 300x200   Dave Weagle Split Pivot SystemDave Weagle earned the US Patent 7,717,212 for his Split Pivot concentric dropout pivot suspension technology on May 18, 2010. The Split Pivot is the world’s first patented Concentric Drop out Pivot suspension system ever. Dave Weagle is also the creator of the World Champion and the internationally accepted dw-link suspension and the Delta System.

Weagle was honored by his colleagues whom together with him, put their minds and technology together to come up with the new designed Split Pivot suspension system making bikes much more fun to ride. He and his partners were greatly thrilled with the response and acceptance with this new Split Pivot frames into the market.

With the Split Pivot suspension system, the capacity to absorb bumps and speed acceleration are rendered to a typical main pivot placement as the dropout pivot allows to simultaneously neutralize the braking forces and leverage ratios to a higher degree making every ride a fun biking experience. This particular suspension system is designed for high performance bikes which basically require efficient traction, handling and frame stiffness on any given terrain. The very core of this new design is the concentric dropout pivot where the rear wheel axle linking the seatstays and chainstay of the bike. Weagle’s ingenuity in engineering and proven testing process molded and created the unique Split Pivot frame merging the excellent performance ability of a single pivot and long arm linkage suspension.

Split Pivot’s design, the concentric dropout pivot, sets apart the acceleration forces from the braking forces in the suspension by reducing extreme suspension results from acceleration momentum at the same time decreasing the reaction to braking forces. Braking could independently adhere to acceleration and suspension could immediately conform to the degree of leverage ratio curves offering a wide range of maneuverability options.

Split Pivot technology has six licensees worldwide. Sometime before the end of this year, 2011 Split Pivot models will be out in the market. Two of the six brands have now teamed up with Dave Weagle and Split Pivot. Soon to join the bandwagon is the Seven Cycles, one of the world’s premier custom fabricators and will be introducing a line of Split Pivot suspension frames and suspension kinematics. With each Seven Cycles split Pivot frame, it would be customized to the individuals riding style, ability, level and body type.