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camelbak 2011 reservoir packs 1 300x228   CamelBak 2011 Reservoir PacksCamelBak took on consumer feedback and came out with the Antidote reservoir pack for 2011. It also introduces the new Octane LR (lumbar reservoir) which makes use of having the water weight on your hips and not on your back to keep your upper body more free to move.

The Antidote model now comes with a new easy to open and close fill port. It has a simple quarter twist and pop mechanism that locks on and ensures the water will not spill. It also has a built in dryer arms which you can utilize when you want to dry out your reservoir pack. Other modifications also include decrease on bulk height, stack height and increase on fill port diameter. It comes with quick link, that auto shuts off when disconnected from the reservoir pack. This also gives way to accessories for your hydration system which includes a carbon filter taster, insulated tubes and pre-installed flow meters.

The Octane LR pack utilizes a lumbar reservoir which is housed around your waist. The new pack has quick accessibility to your lumbar reservoir and allows you to carry about 5lbs of water without the burden of feeling that you are lugging on extra pounds.

The Antidote and The Octane LR will be available in October.

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