pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bont Sub 10 Triathlon Shoes

bont sub 10 triathlon shoes 300x290   Bont Sub 10 Triathlon ShoesBont Cycling brings you the triathlon shoe that offers optimal stiffness and performance called the Bont Sub-10. The shoe features a unique hand layup with pressure wrap to give you a moldable shoe that is light yet stiff.

The chassis material is from a monocoque fiberglass base and the shoe is painted with an epoxy thermoset resin. It is heat moldable so you can easily customize the shoe. The upper material uses a white matte microfiber while the lining is a non-porous microfiber.

The Bont Sub-10 weighs 275 grams with a single action Velcro system for a swifter transition. It also has a 3-hole look configuration for cleat mounting and memory foam for padding. The Sub-10 has 40 air vents covering the front of the shoe and on both sides of the arch area.

Retail price is $178.95.