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bike doctor iphone app   Bike Doctor iPhone AppBike Doctor is the latest cycling application which shows you how to repair a bicycle part from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Created to quelch that fear of not knowing what to do should your bicycle break down, the Bike Doctor shows you all the things you need to know to make sure your ride is kept in working order.

The application is simple and easy to use. You simply point to the bike part you want to repair and the software gives you step-by-step instructions to follow. It even gives you the list of tools you need to use in repair. It is good to note that the tools needed are mostly your basic cycling repair and maintenance tools.

The new application provides different repair and maintenance routines like how to keep your bike lubricated to how to adjust the rear derailleur.

Beginners in the sport will truly appreciate the user-friendly interface and the graphical representation that works as a guide.

Made by avid cyclists Andreas Kambanis and Ron Forrester, the Bike Doctor is available for $4.99.

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