pinit fg en rect gray 20   AlpineSport App for Android SmartPhones

alpinesport app for android smartphones 180x300   AlpineSport App for Android SmartPhonesAlpineSport is the latest application from SoundofMotion which is created for Android Smartphones. The new which you can download for free is a mobile application that targets users who likes to keep track of their trips and jaunts in alpine sports (mountain bicycling, snowboarding alpine and cross-country skiing) from their Android phones.

AlpineSport features GPS and accelerometer to give you real time data on cadence, strides, G-forces and air time. The application also measures speed, time, distance, altitude, climb, drop and other relevant information for the active athlete. Sharing of your performance data and other information is easy by uploading the CSV file online and through Twitter.

Mapping, route sharing and tracking are some of the functions of AlpineSport. The application also makes use of audible feedback technology so you won’t need to look at your phone’s display for information. You can even personalize this function to your own choice of sound when accessing certain data.