pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Giant TCX Women Cyclocross Bike

2011 tcx w cyclocross bike 300x200   2011 Giant TCX Women Cyclocross BikeGiant unveils its first women cyclocross bike called the 2011 TCX W. Giant Factory Off-road team rider Kelli Emmett, helped in the product development by giving valuable input to make the TCX W a shoo-in for women cyclocross. The TCX W will be release on August 2010 at a retail price of $1,650.00.

Abby Cooper, product developer, explains how the new frame came to be. “Everyone knows that women generally have different proportions than men. So the goal was to address women’s unique needs and provide them with a ’cross bike that would improve their experience whether they’re racing or just riding a mix of road and dirt.”

Emmett adds,” I thought a bike with a shorter top tube would handle much better for women, especially on steep drop-offs and other tricky terrain that’s such a big part of cyclocross racing. The 2011 Giant TCX W is a little more upright and the top tube also isn’t quite as high as it is on most men’s bikes.”

The 2011 TCX W frame uses the ALUXX SL aluminum tubing with its geometry and dimensions adjusted to suit women. The 2011 TCX W will have Giant Conect SL handlebars and saddle for women together with SRAM Rival components .

Emmett further praised the TCX W after using its prototype last fall and garnered a bunch of podium finishes. “It has the larger triangle and rounded top tube for easy shouldering and one thing I recommended was a slightly higher bottom bracket, which helps for pedaling through corners—which is really important in cyclocross.”