pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Specialized Shiv Triathlon Bike

2011 specialized shiv triathlon bike   2011 Specialized Shiv Triathlon Bike

Made to give you an aerodynamic advantage, the Specialized 2011 Shiv TT/Triathlon Bike comes to you in limited production at a retail price of $5,500 for the S-Works frame module alone.

It features rear brakes hidden much like the Transition. Still to keep the aerodynamic advantage, it has horizontal rear dropouts. The 2011 Shiv also has brake barrel adjusters located on the bar ends. Internal cable routing is in place and the frame also features a nose cone which keeps the front brakes out of sight and does the steering as well.

The Specialized Shiv allows for multiple seat post adjustment so you can shift your seat forward or to the rear. It also allows multiple pad adjustment height where you can rest your elbows and arms comfortably based on your desired height.

The frame weighs about 850 grams. For the meantime, UCI deemed the Shiv to be too aerodynamic (nose cone feature).