pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Orbea Ordu Triathlon Bike

2011 orbea ordu triathlon bike   2011 Orbea Ordu Triathlon Bike

The choice of the two-time Ironman Triathlon Champion Craig Alexander, the Orbea Ordu 2011 Triathlon Bike will be reissued sometime in the middle of September. The Ordu Triathlon Bike has won almost every Triathlon championship in North America and now its coming out this time around with the new D12 internal routed wiring/cables making it much slippier than before.

The Ordu 2011 will be released with its new paints specifically in White/Blue combination and in Black/Red combination. It is an extremely aerodynamic designed bike from front to the end. For more stability and stiffness front and end tail, it has an 1 1/8” fork. The Ordu is the bike for tough climbing and great sprinting with a 700C wheels. Its aero profile fork is a cut-away size from the top tube to the down tube giving it a total aerodynamic flow.

Its rear wheel is designed aerodynamically and engineered into the rear seatstay and chainstay. It uses two different types of seat post; the 78/80 degree post and the 74/76 degree post. Using only the latest finite calculative technology and grid processes, Orbea came out with an extra-lightweight carbon fiber frame of aerodynamics devised from the San Diego Wind Tunnel.

The Orbea Ordu 2011 Triathlon bike will be introduced in the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon in Minneapolis later this summer. It will also be available in all Obrea USA Dealers.