pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Merida Mountain Bikes

2011 merida mountain bikes   2011 Merida Mountain Bikes

Merida unveils three new mountain bikes for 2011, which are the One-Twenty, Twenty-Nine, and Matts Scandium.

The Merida 2011 One Twenty uses full carbon fiber, weighing in at 1.86kg, and has 100mm of travel. Adding in a 18 inch sample fitted and DT Swiss M210 shocks brings the overall weight to 2.1kg. Comparing to the Ninety-Six, the One Twenty is 20% stiffer.

Fusing tube to tube construction and monocoque, the downtube also contains a double chamber. The process of tube to tube was achieved by using high modulus carbon fiber. A relaxed head angle (at 69 degrees) is one of the changes. This feature adds stability to riding downhill or racing.

The big surprise from Merida is the 29er MTB, simply known as the Twenty-Nine. Since many in the UK have requested a 29er, Merida answered. “Our German design team have slaved and studied over the minutiae of head angles and chain stay lengths to ensure that our bikes geometry is spot on, and able to fully realise all of the rolling, traction and comfort advantages the 29er wheel size delivers,” said Merida.

Lastly, Merida will release a hydroformed Scandium frameset called the Matts Scandium, which weighs 1.4kg. Utilizing a flared seat tube, asymmetric seatstay and integrated post mount rear disc mount, and direct mount front. A BB30, anodized frame finish, and tapered head tube adds to the finishing touches. MSRP coming soon.

2011 merida mountain bikes 1   2011 Merida Mountain Bikes

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