pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DT Swiss Wheelsets

2011 dt swiss wheelsets 1 225x300   2011 DT Swiss WheelsetsDT Swiss introduces new wheels for 2011, the XR 1450 and the Tricon M1700 wheelset.

The XR 1450 wheelset was designed to meet cross-country riders’ need for a wheelset that can meet the demands of the wild and sportive events. The lightweight cross-country wheelset has SBWT welded rims with high-end hubs. It features cartridge bearings and a star ratchet drive system. The aluminum wheelset has 28 spokes in the front and rear with 10mm and 12mm bolt-through rear axle options. It has QR and 15mm bolt-through front choices as well.

The front wheel at 5mm width weighs 660g while the rear wheel with 5mm width weighs 800g. It comes in the color nickel with black and white decals. No special tools are needed in maintaining the XR 1450.

The Tricon M1700 features spoke lacing, where one radial spoke and two crossed spokes are placed together on the hub flange. This results to increased stiffness and torque transmission. It has a three-piece shell to keep one spoke tension away from the bearings. This way, the central shells are machined individually.

Weighing at 1700 grams, the front wheel is available in 9mm QR or 15mm bolt-through axle while the rear wheels can have the standard QR or 15mm bolt-through axles. The front and rear has 24 spokes and the rims are tubeless.

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