pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DT Swiss Forks

2011 dt swiss forks 1 106x300   2011 DT Swiss ForksFor 2011, DT Swiss adds new models to its line of forks, the XRC 100 Race fork and the EXM 150 fork. Weighing 1170 grams, the XRC 100 has a Twin Shot damping system and a 28.6mm uppers. The lowers, the crown and steerer tube are all made from high modulus carbon fiber.

The Twin Damping system featured on the fork allows you to control 100mm of travel. It also comes with an optional remote control lever. Outside the frame, you may do some adjustments like low-sped or internal high-speed rebound and compression.

The EXM 150 fork is designed for trail/endure rides. It weighs 1645 grams and gives you 150mm of travel. There is a Torsion box created from magnesium. This is why the EXM 150 is so stiff. The uppers are 32mm aluminum and it has the DT Swiss technology Launch Control II with an open oil bath which can be located inside the fork legs.

Adjustment for low-speed rebound has new knobs. Low-speed compression can be changed from the outside while the high-speed compression works with internally adjustments.

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