pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Carbon Kona Jake

2011 carbon kona jake   2011 Carbon Kona Jake

Kona took on the challenge posed by cyclocross Elite riders Ryan Tebron and Barry Wicks. For 2011, they requested for a specific frame which is lighter, faster and stiffer than the competition but must be in a 63cm frame. The result was the 2011 Carbon Kona Jake.

Wicks shares, “I don’t know how they did it, but they were able to produce a bike for us that met all our specific targets… from the perspective of a racer, we are always trying to make our bikes lighter, stiffer and faster. The scandium Major Jake frames that we have been riding for the last few seasons have been awesome, but we wanted to see if we could push it a little bit further.”

Kona developed an all-carbon Kona Jake with special attention to details like the bottom bracket junction. A BB30 bottom bracket shell was in place and to bring it to another level, Kona added a hexagonal downtube that matches the size of the bottom bracket, making it more stable and allowing for more pedal power. The chainstays were modified to be emerging from a joint and the mud clearance was widened. The same goes for the seatstays to keep it all sturdy and stiff.

The 2011 Carbon Kona Jake has a tapered headtube and a flattened top tube. Another feature is the internal cable routing for the derailleur and rear brake cables. Despite its new modifications, what was left unchanged is its geometry. This is to allow riders to stay comfortable when using the new Jake.

Keeping the stiffness and weight down, the 2011 Carbon Kona Jake weighs 17lbs. Wicks describes the new bike, “Essentially, we took the already awesome Scandium Major Jake, sprinkled a little magic fairy dust on top and came out with a bike that is 30% more awesome.”

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2011 carbon kona jake 3   2011 Carbon Kona Jake