pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cannondale Flash 29

cannondales flash 29er 300x190   2011 Cannondale Flash 29For 2011, Cannondale comes out with a 21 pound 29er that gives high quality performance on the trail despite being lightweight. The Flash 29 has a high modulus carbon fiber construction which goes from the front and splits at the seat tube and goes towards the rear.

With an inch and a half headtube, the Flash 29 also features the Cannondale S.A.V.E. chainstays and seatposts for a comfortable ride. They work like a mini-suspension systems on the bike to absorb rad shocks and vibrations.

The 2011 Flash 29 uses the Lefty Max Carbon fork which outperforms its competition with a guarantee on stiffer and lighter suspension. It also has a oversized BB30, improving the torsional resistance of the bike and allows for increased power transfer from your foot to the pedal.