pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bell Commuter Helmets

2011 bell commuter helmets 1 300x223   2011 Bell Commuter HelmetsBell releases two new helmets for 2011 called the Muni and the Arella. With a tag line that says “King and Queen of the Street”, it’s possible that the Muni will be targeted for men while the Arella will be for women. Weighing approximately 275 grams, the Muni will be available in matte titanium (grey), matte white (weathered), matte black and safety yellow.

The helmets feature integrated water gutters and a ratchet buckle for micro-fit. It also has a mount for a rear-view mirror and comes with a visor to protect your eyes. It also has a light mount which is integrated on the helmet. You may place a Blackburn Flea front light for better visibility.

The Muni and the Arella also have integrated lights for the back of the helmet on the head retention device. Bell showcases its OneStep Plus Fit system on both helmets to make sure the helmet stays on your head at all times. The Blackburn Flea rear light can also be mounted on the removable helmet body strap.

2011 bell commuter helmets 2   2011 Bell Commuter Helmets