pinit fg en rect gray 20   Women Equipe Shorts

women equipe shorts   Women Equipe Shorts

Louis Garneau is one of the excellent providers of sportswear. With its Women Equipe Shorts, the combination of Power Lycra and Fit Sensor fabrics harvest an outstanding blend of moisture management and muscle compression. With an ergonomic fit, this has patented women Airgel Chamois, which features perforated gel inserts that give comfort without sacrificing proper ventilation.

Additionally, the Huggfit waist feature was designed particularly to fit the natural contour of a woman’s body without targeting pressure points. An exciting edge of this product is its Powerband compressive grippers that disallow riding up or slipping without chafing. The inseam measures about 10.5″/26.5 cm and the back reflective logo adds to its protection on the road.