pinit fg en rect gray 20   Veloplugs from Velocity USA

veloplugs from velocity usa 261x300   Veloplugs from Velocity USA

The Veloplug is the latest creation to come out of Velocity USA, Inc. You can do away with wrapping your rim in a roll of heavy cloth tape by using the Veloplug as a substitute — that’s if you’re not old school like us.

For any rim of 8.0mm web hole or the non eyeleted rims, the Red plugs fit right into it. As for the eyeleted rims or just about any rim with an 8.5 to 9.3mm web hole, Yellow plugs will fit just fine.

Here are some plus points over the traditional rim strips that highlight the Veloplug. Normally, during long rides, the traditional wrapped rims slowly wear away. This is not the case with Veloplug, however. It has a remarkable blowout strength that endures well up to 400psi. If you have a 32 spoke 700c wheel, it also allows you to save 15g on it.

When you need to replace a spoke, you can pop out the Veloplug over the offending spoke, which is a change from unwrapping a sticky rim. When repairs are done, just pop back the Veloplug. It is totally reusable.

The Veloplugs do not slip or retain water and moisture that gets into the rim. It does not rot or rust. It is also available in packs of 72 plugs for personal use and in bulk packs of 1000 plugs for retail shops and wholesalers.