pinit fg en rect gray 20   USE Summit Carbon Road Handlebars

new handlebars from use 300x225   USE Summit Carbon Road HandlebarsUltimate Sports Engineering have made a name for itself as a creative and innovative manufacturer of cycling parts for twenty years. Its latest ingenious design is called the Summit.

The Summit is a carbon road bar whose target market is your average road riders who long to be comfortable when cycling for long distances. The Summit has a 31.8mm center section that follows the curve of the handle bar on its upper bend. This will allow the round upper section to be flexible to whatever angle its rider chooses to hold the grip with.

An additional feature most riders would like is that a roughened area was place at the center area and the section underneath the brake levers. This will lessen the need for you to exert clamping force. Two cable guides are also available at the underside of the bar uppers.

The Summit road bar has a depth of 145mm, a reach 95mm and a slight curve along the areas where you grip the bars. A small flattened patch can be found behind the lever position where you can rest your thumb and avoid placing too much pressure on your adductor muscles.

USE made the Summit come in widths of 400mm, 420mm, 440mm and 460mm with a SRP of £225.