pinit fg en rect gray 20   Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer Tool

union foundry t0001 rotafixer tool 1 300x199   Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer ToolUnion Foundry of Somerville, Massachusetts releases its first product named the T0001. The T0001 RotaFixer Tool was designed to take the place of your lockring wrench and chainwhip. It is simple to use and lets you remove and install lockrings with just a rotafixing technique and your bicycle chain.

The T0001 RotaFixer Tool took a year to develop from its humble beginnings on table napkins and kitchen checks. Its prototype was tested by Boston bike messengers until its final design came to be made. From stainless steel parts, it was polished and then etched with laser. Designers and inventors Joshua Kampa and Aaron Panone took the finished product to Mike Dacey of Repeat Press for its packaging design.

The new tool can fit large Profile type sizes to small Sugino type lockring sizes. You can also work the 17 tooth cog with a 1/8” width chainwhip.

A handy helper to have around the T0001 RotaFixer Tool can hang on your keychain or in your wallet. You can get one for $80.00, exclusively at Open.