pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized CruX 2011 Cyclocross Bike

specialized crux 2011 cyclocross bike   Specialized CruX 2011 Cyclocross BikeThe Specialized Crux cyclocross bike will soon make its way to the market for 2011. The bike shares similarities with Specialized’s other cyclocross bike, the Tricross bikes, but deviates from the Specialized Tricross with its shorter head tube, chainstays and steeper angles.

Made with an alloy frame and internal cable routed through the downtube, the Crux Comp is sleek in its design. Luc Callahan, Specialized engineer says, “We found ’cross racers want their ’cross bike set up similarly to their road bike.” This led to the Crux’s design looking a lot like the Tarmac, Specialized’s top road bike.

The Crux redesigned its fork, making it stiffer and ideal for cyclocross racing. It uses traditional cyclocross features like a flat portion on its frame for shouldering the bike and road-inspired dropbars. The bike comes in carbon and aluminum.

The Crux Comp is cheaper than that of the Tricross, around $2800 retail price, yet offers quality performance. The frame alone will be sold at $660.00.