pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tec Tical helmet from Abus

Tec Tical helmet from Abus 75x300   Tec Tical helmet from Abus

Abus most advanced helmet in its line is called Tec-Tical. Lightweight to meet the demands of cyclists, the Tec-Tical is 250 grams in a medium size (54-58 cm) and 265 grams in a large (58-62 cm). For durability: a fusion of multi shell in-mold for its outer shell and maximum absorption material for shock (EPS).

Tec-Tical uses ZoomPro for precise cranial fit adjustment. This is a racheting system that secures the helmet to the back of its users head and allows for size adjustment with its half ring system. It also has 14 air inlets and 9 outlets to give you the best ventilation. All of the vents are fused together with air stream channels.

The padding for Tec-Tical can be removed and is washable. Practical sliders are also in place for easy adjustment. The Tec-Tical helmet is available in colors of velvet black, polar matt, asphalt grey and team. Tec-Tical is priced at £79.99.