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SRAM reveals its X0 2011, expected to be available to the market in August 2010. The X0 family has cranks made from carbon with aluminum inserts for its spindle and pedals. The cranks have a spider alloy which can easily be put in or out. Three T2 bolts allow the spiders to jump from a two-ring or three-ring set up. Also, choose from 170mm or 175 mm long, BB30 or GXP bottom bracket, or from colors of red, gold, black or blue.

The cranks are durable and strong to the level of downhill standards. As for the speed rear derailleur, the C-clips, which used to be at the bottom of the parallelogram, were moved to the top for safety from getting in the way. It also has a new chassis with three cage lengths (short, medium and long) and is compatible with 36-tooth cassette cogs. The derailleur weighs 190 grams. On the other hand, the speed front derailleur can take 2×10 and 3×10 gearing and direct mounting options for high or low.

SRAM X0 2011 features the Exact Actuation technology on speed trigger shifters which weighs 232 grams. Avid X0 brakes includ an aluminum master and caliper at a weigh of 333 grams. A new prototype cassette is made to complete the X0 family called the 1080. It will feature SRAM’s stamped cogs and excellent ability to keep mud off itself.

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